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We offer the popular Dinesen Floors

Dinesen Floors is a good choice, if you want a solid floor of quality wood. We are laying Dinesen Floors throughout North Zealand. Dinesen is a family-run company, which has provided quality planks of douglas tree and oak since 1898. We have had good a cooperation with the Dinesen through the years and can guarantee for the quality.

Dinesen Floors are produced with great care. Each plank comes through 20 hands on its way through production to ensure quality. Wood is a living material. Thus, Dinesen Floors are based on the personality of the original tree.

Dinesen Floors are unique natural products

​There does not exist two similar plank floors from Dinesen. Dinesen Floors are about cultivating the wood's natural expression, and therefore preserve and treat the knots in the tree. Knots are a part of a twig. They are located inside the trunk and are a testimony of the tree's history. It is a mark of quality when the nature can be seen and felt in the planks.

Dinesen is located in the small town of Jels. And the family has been working on the old sawmill for four generations. Today, the production is developed with new technology, but the old craft is still evident in the selection of the tree.

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Dinesen Floor Service

Klovtoftvej 2

6630 Rødding

Tlf.: 26 79 00 75
CVR: 25433157

Dinesen Floor Service

Klovtoftvej 2

6330 Rødding

Telefon: 26 79 00 75

Cvr: 25433157


We have customers throughout Zealand, including Greater Copenhagen and North Zealand.

We have some customers in Jutland and Funen as well.